Panta Rhei Tax Legislation Around The World

There is one thing in tax legislation for online marketplaces around the world which can be taken for granted:

Tax Legislation is subject of ongoing changes.

Whether we consider

  • the recent changes for Electronic Distribution Platforms (EDPs) in Australia,
  • the tax obligations to be imposed on marketplace providers in the US or
  • the liability of online marketplaces in the UK for their overseas sellers
  • or many other changes in these regions and around the world

marketplace providers around the world

  • need to to adapt constantly, which means they
  • need ongoing investments in their software solutions

What we can do

We truly believe that changes in tax legislation are none of these things each marketplace should be forced to take high investments in custom solutions.

Therefore we provide the only solution in the world we know, that can adapt to these changes simply by configuration rather than by developing each new requirement.

Save your investments

Checkout our GT4M Solutions which entitle you to receive

  • a licence of our unique software,
  • frequent updates inclusive sample rules and
  • fast support

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