Global Tax 4.0.15: WC 8.1 compatibility

Today we released Global Tax 4.0.15. It is an important update for WooCommerce 8.1 based e-Commerce shops and multi-vendor marketplaces.

Affected solutions:


  • Compatibiltiy update for WooCommerce 8.1
  • Consignment value calculation with coupons

 == Changelog ==

= 4.0.15 =

Release Date: September 14 2023

* [Tweak] Add consignment value limit to tax rules ( Class ‘WC_GTAX_Rule’, Class ‘WC_GTAX_Rules_Engine’,  Class ‘WC_GTAX_Seller’, Class ‘WC_GTAX_Tax_Determination’, Asset ‘gtax-admin-script.js’ )

* [Fix] Fix ‘wc-enhanced-select’ items disappear on mouse-over in WC 8.1 (as opposed to WC 8.0.3): ( Asset ‘business-fields.css’ )


Existing customer can download this release from their system. New customer can get it at or check out our Global Tax solutions on the Blue Antoinette marketplace. 

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