GT4M – Global Tax for Marketplaces and More

Global Tax for Marketplaces and More

Dynamic Tax Calculation For Your Platform - Worldwide

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GT4M - The Mustang among the tax solutions

GT4M enables you to operate tax compliant eCommerce solutions of all kinds. It solves the complexities of global B2B- and B2C-marketplaces as well as the needs of regional or multinational shop owners. It supports physical products, digital goods and electronic services as well as multi vendors on a single platform.

Global Tax Calculation

Calculates and collects US Sales Tax, VAT, GST, SST, TOT and or COT

Dynamic Tax Rule Engine

Deducts or applies the relevant origin based- or destination based tax

Regional Templates

Tax Rule- and Localization Templates for the EU, US, Australia and India. Generic template for all other regions

Multi Vendor Ready

Supports incredible complexities assoziated with multi vendor scenarios


Applies taxes on each page, not just at checkout. Required in many jurisdictions

Global Tax Rates

Access to worldwide standard tax rates and reduced tax rates


All fields are fully customizable by location.


Displays prices incl. or excl. tax by customer country

B2B & B2C Ready

Supports B2B processes like Intra Community Supply, Reverse Charge, Small Business, Nexus and Commissions

VAT-Number Validation

EU-VAT-number validation by the VAT Information Exchange System (VIES)

GT4M is available as a fully integrated solution for dedicated marketplace and shop systems, but is also open for any eCommerce- and ERP-system, App or Custom Solution of your choice. GT4M is powered by a powerful tax rules engine, which calculates and collects indirect taxes dynamically.

Connect any platform of your choice...

Global Tax as a Service

Global Tax as a Service enables you to access Global Tax Rates, to define Global Tax Rules for VAT, Sales Tax and GST (and any other indirect tax), to process them remotely in the cloud and to connect each eCommerce Platform or Marketplace of your choice.

REST API + Backend

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Global Tax as a Service on the GCP Marketplace and take advantage of Google Integrated Billing and Single Sign-On.

REST API + Backend

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Global Tax as a Service on the Blue Antoinette Marketplace and take advantage of Blue Antoinette Integrated Billing and Single Sign-On.

Integrate the app, shop, marketplace, ERP-system or solution of your choice through a REST API and take advantage of a powerful backend for you and/or your vendors. Global Tax as a Service runs on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Global Tax Blockchain Link

Global Tax Blockchain Link allow you to access Global Tax Rate data directly on-chain and to calculate indirect taxes in real-time .

Global Tax Blockchain Link (Beta)

Access our Smart Contract and consult our oracle directly from the Blockchain.

Check it out on the Rinkeby Testnet via Google Maps

Connect Smart Contracts on any blockchain and receive tax rate data in real time. Global Tax Blockchain Link runs on a
Blue Antoinette Chainlink Node.

...or choose the Global Tax Solution for your platform...

Utilize our full-featured and seamless tax integrations into selected shop- and marketplace platforms like WooCommerce, Dokan, WC Vendors, WC Marketplace and Product Vendors and build a tax compliant marketplace in no time

Integration with the eCommerce


Integration with the Multi Vendor -Marketplace


Integration with the Multi Vendor -Marketplace

"WC Vendors"

Integration with the Multi Vendor -Marketplace

"WC Marketplace"

Integration with the Multi Vendor -Marketplace

"Product Vendors"

You don't have a shop or marketplace yet? Run in the Blue Antoinette Commerce Cloud

GT4M - The Big Picture

Do you want to see the Big Picture of the GT4M Hybrid Cloud Solution or a Youtube Video of the Blockchain Integration first?

Check out the Global Tax Rates interactively on Google Maps

What our customers are saying

“Sales Tax for my vendor site was becoming a concern. I was concerned that I would not be able to collect sales taxes for my vendors from their store location. Buying this turned my concern into smiles.”
Art of Santa Fe
[Santa Fe, USA]
“Changing tax legislation in Australia and around the world seemed to make our plan of a global eCommerce marketplace impossible. Until GT4M stepped in and fulfilled our tax requirements in no time.”
Find Future Fashion
[Melbourne, Australia]
“We did not find any other tax solution which could handle the complexities of physical and digital goods on a single marketplace out of the box. With multi vendors, business customers and private consumers.”
Blue Antoinette
[Vienna, Europe]
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Learn more about our Consulting Offerings​

With our turnkey and customizable software you are very well prepared. However, tax requirements for marketplaces can be overwhelming. Therefore we offer you a UGTIM™ based requirement analysis together with your tax consultant(s). If you want us to manage your complete project, you can also opt for UGTIM Project Management, which is delivered by a PMI certified Project Manager (PMP). Additionally, if you run a marketplace yet, we also offer you a health check to ensure, that your implementation is still up-to-date.

Praxis Proven

PMI Certified Project Manager


Streamlines requirements definition of Governments, Tax Consultants and Business Executives
Deliver your Global Tax Project in scope, budget and time with a PMI certified Project Management Professional
Check your current system in a practice proven manner, if it is still compliant with current tax requirements


UGTIM™ is a flexible requirements analysis and modeling methodology especially designed for Global Taxation Projects which enables relevant stakeholders like Tax Consultants, Business Executives and Software Companies to define, discuss and to document requirements in a structured and highly accurate manner and in a common language. It has emerged as part of successful projects in the US, EU and Australia. It is not a theoretical model but a tool that has proven itself many times in practice.