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B2B, B2C, Goods, Services, Multi Vendors, Worldwide – Everything on a single platform?

Is it possible to run a shop or marketplace for physical goods, digital products and electronic services, for business customers and private consumers and with multiple vendors worldwide on a single platform / site / system? Today many companies run … Read More

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UGTIM – Our Groundbreaking Methodology

In 2017 we successfully delivered global tax software projects in the US, in the EU and in Australia. Now we are more than happy to share this recipe for success as a new methodology with you, which enables you to … Read More

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Panta Rhei Tax Legislation Around The World

Panta Rhei Tax Legislation Around The World There is one thing in tax legislation for online marketplaces around the world which can be taken for granted: Tax Legislation is subject of ongoing changes. Whether we consider the recent changes for Electronic Distribution … Read More

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The Global Tax – family is growing: Welcome “Product Vendors”

The Global Tax – family is growing steadily and we are happy to announce that we have launched  Global Tax – Solutions for WooCommerce “Product Vendors” today. With adding WooCommerce “Product Vendors” to the list of of our supported platforms, GT4M becomes the worldwide leading tax solution provider for WooCommerce driven multi-vendor platforms. With this step, … Read More

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Multi Vendor Tax Solution – Build or Buy?

If you want to operate your own marketplace, there are some obstacles to overcome and decisions you must make. One of these decisions is whether you opt for an outsourced custom development develop the required functionality for your marketplace yourself or buy a … Read More

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Value Added Tax (VAT) and Sales Tax

Compliance with tax requirements can be overwhelming, especially if you have to deal with different tax jurisdictions in the world. For example in the EU you have to deal with value added tax (VAT), which depends at least on the customer’s and the seller’s location, on … Read More

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