If you want to operate your own marketplace, there are some obstacles to overcome and decisions you must make.

One of these decisions is whether you

  • opt for an outsourced custom development
  • develop the required functionality for your marketplace yourself or
  • buy a solutions which comes with the necessary features out of the box.

While it makes sense to develop key functionality on your own, with which you want to distinguish yourself and your marketplace by others, there are some areas in which you are better off if you buy a commercial off-the-shelf product.

Tax is none one of these key differentiators which you should build on your own, since it is a must have for each marketplace operator and it has to work the same way for nearly everyone.

Therefore we provide GT4M, a commercial off-the-shelf product for tax requirements everywhere in the world that integrates seamless into every WooCommerce driven marketplace.

Your advantages:

  • Cheaper than custom development
  • Faster time to market
  • Maintenance and frequently updates
  • Globally available
  • Local specifics included like EU VAT, US Sales Tax, Nexus, GST and more

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