Use Case Driven Global Tax Implementation Methodology​

UGTIM™ is a flexible requirements analysis and modeling methodology especially designed for Global Taxation Projects which enables relevant stakeholders like Tax Consultants, Business Executives and Software Companies to define, discuss and to document requirements in a structured and highly accurate manner and in a common language. It has emerged as part of successful projects in the US, EU and Australia. It is not a theoretical model but a tool that has proven itself many times in practice.

Requirement Analysis

Streamlines the requirements definition of Governments, Tax Consultants and Business Executives

Successful Project Delivery

Designed to deliver successful Global Tax Projects in scope, budget and time

Focus on Implementation

Utilizes new and/or existing tax software capabilities, so that software companies, -developers and/or -integrators can focus on the implementation of requirements.

Human Readable

Documents results in a structured, human readable and practice proven manner

Open Methodology

Can be used by any Consulting- or Software Company with potentially any tax solution, not only with ours

Utilizes your Tools

Adheres to common principles of requirement analyses and project management methodologies, but focuses on tools, that you already use for your daily work

UGTIM Consulting Offerings

We offer you a UGTIM™ based requirement analysis together with your tax consultant(s). If you want us to manage your whole project, you can also opt for UGTIM Project Management, which is delivered by a PMI certified Project Manager (PMP). Additionally, if you run a marketplace yet, we also offer you a health check to ensure, that your implementation is still up-to-date.

Praxis Proven

PMI Certified Project Manager


Streamlines the requirements definition of Governments, Tax Consultants and Business Executives
Deliver your Global Tax Project in scope, budget and time with a PMI certified Project Management Professional
Check your current system in a practice proven manner, if it is still compliant with current tax requirements