As of today, GT4M  provides Global Tax Rates for free*) for customers with an active Global Tax Business Subscription.

The rates are provided through Global Tax as a Service, which is our Global Tax REST API on the Google Cloud Plafform (GCP).

The API is completely platform-independent and accessible from any App, Shop, Marketplace, Custom Solution or ERP System. It is fully integrated with all currently available Global Tax Solutions.

Currently we provide

  • Standard Rates for each country in the world (US Sales Tax, VAT, GST, SST, TOT,COT)
  • Reduced Rates 1-3 for EU Countries

Our innovative technology allows us to use multiple tax rate providers for the same location simultaneously (for fallback scenarios), therefore we encourage customers as well as tax rate providers all over the world to integrate with us.

*) In some regions of the world we rely on partners, who provide the tax rates. We make these rates available in our solutions for free, as long as they are free to us.

*) Access to Free Tax Rates requires an active Global Tax as a Service – Subscription or a Global Tax Business Subscription

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