Compliance with tax requirements can be overwhelming, especially if you have to deal with different tax jurisdictions in the world.

For example in the EU you have to deal with value added tax (VAT), which depends at least on the customer’s and the seller’s location, on the fact whether the customer is a consumer or a business and on the articles which are sold. Intra-Community-Supply and Reverse Charge, MOSS and Small Business regulations should simplify things. Unsurprisingly in real business life there are a lot of obstacles and financial burden when it comes to realization, not only for small businesses.

In the US things run a little bit different, but not necessarily easier. While Value Added Tax in the EU is imposed on each stage of the supply chain, US Sales Tax typically is collected only on retail sales to the final consumer. How much and which taxes have to be charged can vary a lot between origin- and destination based states and can be a combination of state, county, city and district taxes. If you have nexuses in different states things become even more complex.

To help you to overcome these obstacles in the EU, in the US and in other regions of the world,  GT4M provides Global Tax Solutions for your Marketplace.


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